Your ESN Section Assistant

Tired of manual buddy matching, disoriented international students in the streets of your city, overwhelmed by tones of handwritten ESNcards, or students lost in your office open hours? No more!


Events Management

Organization relief for your events team, your best events served for your students in the sexiest way. Entrance checking, price waves, information service and much more.


easy to use

ESNcards System

Just one application form for your students, and you get fully functioning ESNcard management with exports and statistics.


Office Open Hours

The easiest way how to communicate open hours of your office to your students.


Pitch Perfect Buddy System


Getting a buddy has never been easier. Your international students can get a buddy in just a few clicks. Your section members can get a lifetime buddy in just a few clicks.

Easy to Use

For start to finish, Fiesta is designed to be easy to use. Just a few clicks for all involved parties. Want to access for your faculty coordinators? No problem, just add them.


Want to get rid of manual buddy matching? No problem, Fiesta can do it for you. Matching based on interests, common courses, or even faculty.


Easy way to register and get oriented. No papers, just straight to the point of getting a buddy. Wanna appreciate your best and kindest buddies? No problem, statistics included.

Auto or full manual matching?

Up to you! Fiesta can run in various modes, starting by manual mode by editors, through faculty-limited matching, to automatic matching by common interests of your buddies and students.

International Students

Just a few clicks for international students to get a buddy. Completely anonymous, you can specifically set up what's information is shared with members of your section.

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